AD2000 standardına uygun şekilde ürettiğimiz, Ø:3082mm ve L:6500mm ölçülerine sahip vakum tankı imalatımızı tamamladık.

We have completed the production of vacuum tanks with dimensions of Ø: 3082mm and L: 6500mm, which we produce in accordance with the AD2000 standard.

A double-wall vacuum tank is a storage tank with a two-layer structure: inner and outer walls. While the inner wall forms the inner surface that the liquid to be stored comes into contact with, the outer wall is the outer surface that protects the inner wall and creates a vacuum environment. In this way, it maintains the temperature of the liquid in the vacuum tank and allows it to be stored for a longer period of time. Double-wall vacuum tanks are often used in industrial applications and can have a wide volume range.

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