Toplam 6 adet olmak üzere her biri 5000m3 hacmindeki küresel depolama tanklarının imalatını başarılı bir şekilde gerçekleştirdik. Tanklar; %70 propan, %30 bütan depolama amaçlı Irak Süleymaniye bölgesinde kurulmuştur.

We have successfully manufactured a total of 6 spherical storage tanks, each with a volume of 5000m3. Tanks; It was established in the Sulaymaniyah region of Iraq for the purpose of storing 70% propane and 30% butane.

LPG spherical tank is known as a type of pressure vessel used to store liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). These tanks are usually made of high-pressure steel and have a round shape. Spherical tanks provide safe storage of LPG and can be used for industrial, commercial or domestic uses. These tanks play an important role for the storage and distribution of LPG.

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